2600mAH Mini Backup External Battery Portable Cable Charger USB Power Bank BK

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USB 2600mAh External Battery Power Bank with Key Chain

Mobile power storage, portable for both indoor and outside
Excellent quality ensured
Perfect power supply for a business trip, travel, fieldwork, etc
Fit for All kinds of mobile digital devices, with a micro USB port.
Repeatedly use of a single charge, portable design, convenient to carry
Stylish design portable battery emergency charger power bank for mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3, MP4, etc.
Built-in 2600mAh high-capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery
2600mAh capability, powerful with a long operation time
Designed to provide power for your iPhone, iPod
Compatible with Nokia, Samsung, HTC, MP3, MP4, and other mobile phones.
High efficiency of power conversion.
Electricity-saving function.
Portable, practical and long cycle life.
Safe and reliable, perfect for use on travelling and outdoor activities

2600mAh External Battery Charger Mobile Power bank
Protection Function: With short circuit, overcharge, discharge protection function
Product cell types: Cylindrical lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
Output Power: 5 W
Rated input: 5.0 V 1000 mA
Rated output: 5.0 V 1000 mA(MAX)

Package Included:
1 x Power bank 2600mah
1 x Micro USB cable