3-8mm Adjustable Cleaning Tools Double Faced Glass Cleaner New Arrival Magnetic Window Suitable For Double-Layer Hollow Glass

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Easy to clean. Cleans the outside of your windows, while staying in your room.
Strong absorption force. Effective for single glazed windows with 3-8mm thickness.
Environmental friendly. High-quality plastic material, practical, solid, anti-drop, and durable.
The triangular design can easily wipe the corners. The distribution of magnetic design is easy to scrub.
Unique design. Double-sided design, strong magnetic, it is very safe and convenient.

Double-sided, easy to clean and use.
The powerful internal magnets lock the two cleaning sides together, when you move one side, the other one follows.
Durable, and convenient to use.
Suitable for double vacuum insulating glass 3-8mm
Can be used to clean windows, car glass, shower screens, mirrors, and tiles.
Easily cleans windows that are high and dangerous to touch the glass.

Material: Plastic
Color: Blue + White
Product Size: Approx. 16×13.5x7cm
Product Weight: Approx. 566g

Package Included:
1 x Double Sided Glass Cleaner