Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Food Dispenser Water Fountain Drink Bowl

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Material: Environmentally friendly PP resin
Color: White
Suitable for: Cats and Dogs
Capacity: 3.8L (water) Size: 28x15x28cm
Capacity: 2.1kg (pet food) Size: 28x15x29cm
Pet Food Dispenser has a Removable Stainless Bowl

All detachable designs, Separable storage buckets, and the internal structure can be removed and washed one by one. Safe for the health of pets.
The top cover of the feeder can be taken out, a convenient supply.
Environmentally friendly PP resin material, Safe and odorless.
Designed for pets, more refined and compact than ever, Covering an area of 0.045m. is smaller than A4 paper, but still stores 3.8L of water / 2.1 kg of pet dry food.
2.1 kg pet dry food for small dogs/cats for 10-12 days, medium dogs for 3-5 days.
Design to Keep it away from light to be fresher. Pet dry food needs to be kept away from light and protected from direct sunlight. Food is fresher and pets are healthier.
When you travel short distances, go out, or on a business, trip feel more at ease.

Package Included:
1 x Automatic Pet Feeder with Removable Stainless Bowl
1 x Automatic Water Fountain