Automobile Surface Scratch Repair Tool Auto Accessories Professional Car Electric Polisher Cleaning Machine

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Bituminous removal of vehicle paint.
Removal of oxidation marks on automotive paint.
Deep scratch repairing and polishing of car paint.
Removal of rust and oxidation spots of automotive metal parts.
Removal of scratches on automotive bright coatings.

Three kinds of repair heads to remove scratches and effectively adapt to multiple scratches. Lightweight and portable design, easy to operate.
No need to spray paint and repair paint scratches just in one minute.
With full copper wire and a high-temperature resistant motor, powerful and practical, the transmission is more stable. Low noise gear transmission, higher accuracy, light body.
Three polishing discs, self-adhesive adsorption. Multiple modes are available, with strong torsion.
This upgraded version has the function of speed regulation and scratch removal, oil film removal, and better effect.

Material: ABS, Aluminum, Copper
Package size: 23x10x5cm
Package Weight: 343g

Package Included:
1 x Scratch Repair Tool
1 x Trace polishing agent
1 x Wool polishing disc
4 x Sponge polishing discs