Bike Speedometer LCD Wireless Bicycle Computer Odometer Cadence Waterproof

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Easy Set-Up and Install
Wireless Bicycle speedometer with LCD display.
Monitor your bikes’ speed, distance, and riding time.
Ideal assistant for bicycle training.
Perfect to use when hiking, climbing, riding, and other outdoor actives.
Make your sports life more free and comfortable.
Lightweight, durable

SPD: current speed
ODO: odometer (0.001-99999KM/M).
DST: trip distance
MXS: maximum speed
AVS: average speed
TM: elapsed time
CLK: Clock (12H/24H).
Scan"+" "-" comparator
Setting speed scale (KM/H.M/H).
Setting tyre circumference:(0MM-9999MM).
Seeing the last value of the odometer
Freeze frame memory
Wireless transmission

Fast Installation Guide:
Mount the bike computer bracket to the bike handlebar. Then mount the sensor to the front wheel fork (front
the wheel will ensure accurate data), and finally attach the magnet to a spoke in the front wheel (please make sure
the magnet is pretty close to the sensor, less than 3mm)

Warm Tips of Installation (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
1. This bike computer has the function of Setting tire circumference (0mm~9999mm), so before using, just set
your bike wheel size in the bike computer.
2. Once the magnet is installed, attach the sensor to the fork. Before securing the sensor to the front wheel fork
by using the plastic tie-wraps, please first test the computer and see if the readings are ok, make any necessary
adjustments to the sensor or magnet position.

Package Included:
1 x wireless LCD computer speedometer
1 x mounting shoe
1 x wheel magnet
1 x cable ties
1 x sensor ( including sensors -23A batteries)
1 x use manual