Computer 3.5mm Speakers Led/Volume Control Powered by USB for Laptop

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High-quality plastics make it steady without vibrating sound. Black and bright colors and the led colorful oval lamp make speakers show the beauty of Science fiction. Adopted the low-voltage digital power, the maximum power can be 6W x 2, ensuring the sound is clear, bright, rounded, and thick. Small Body with powerful audio.
Outstanding bass quality, compared to other small speakers. In order to make up for the lack of bass of the Mini 2.0 speakers, the unique acoustic resonator structure using the enclosed low-frequency aid design makes the sound more penetrating and powerful. Note: Restricted to the small body, the bass effect still can't compare with big speakers and professional subwoofers.
2.0 Channel stereo speakers, enjoy the best stereo effect need to separate 2 speakers, for example, the two speakers are separated from a distance of 1 meter, the two speakers and people should be 1 meters distance, then the two speakers and people are an equilateral triangle, such a position, you will hear the best stereo effect.
High-quality cable and Volume Control design, stable sound transmission, and convenient control. 3.5mm audio interface, suitable for most music players, MP3 players, or other devices, just plug into your device to listen to your music at full volume. The USB power supply can be directly plugged into the computer USB port to take power, and can also connect most of the 5V charger power supply.
Simple operation just plugs the USB cable into your device or the charger and plug the 3.5mm jack into your audio device.
Dimension: 60 x 70 x 100 mm

Package Include:
1 x USB Speaker
1 x User Manual