Counterfeit Bill Detector, UV Light Machine, Currency Checker, Detects Latest Bills, U.S. & Canadian Dollar, Euros, Pound, Less Errors Than Older Unit, for Bankers or Home

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✔ Detecting with UV (ultraviolet), WM(Water Mark)
✔ With Magnify lens
✔ Suitable for all currencies
✔ Easy and safe operation
✔ One "U" fluorescent lamp with 9 watts and a large space in the detection area.


UV, WATERMARK DETECTION With a magnifying glass


*Compact and portable
*Energy-saving AUTO on/off switch
*Powerful UV light detector (15W lamp)
*Fluorescent light for watermark verification
*Power supply: 110V 50~60Hz
*Power consumption:<10W

- Dimension: 190 x 130 x 140 mm
- Net weight: 0.55 Kgs