Digital Caliper 150mm 6inch LCD Electronic Display Vernier Gauge Micrometer

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The digital caliper precisely measure objects in 0-6 inch /0-150 mm with 0.01" / 0.1mm resolution and 0.01" / 0.2mm accuracy, just slide the caliper to measure.
This caliper measures inside, outside, depth, and step with two sets of jaws and a probe, easy to carry and hold.
This lightweight caliper is made of plastic, it is easy to carry anywhere. The unit can automatically turn off if not operated, and you can easily change the measuring model to millimeters and inches.
This vernier caliper is suitable for home and DIY, such as jewelry, gadgets, and other household objects.
This caliper is lightweight and easy to use, smooth sliding ensures quick measuring. It can be set in any position, calibration function, and shut off automatically without use. Internal, external, depth, and step measurements can be done and easily switch in inches and millimeters. Clearly and timely reading by the large LCD screen.

Accuracy: 0.01mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Caliper Type: Vernier Calipers
DIY Supplies: Metalworking
Measurement Range: 0-150mm
Model Number: electronic digital caliper
Resolution: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 inch
Size:23.4 x 7.6 x 1.3 cm
Measuring range: 0-150 mm/ 0-6 inches.
Resolution: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.
Repeatability: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.
Accuracy: + 0.02 mm/ 0.001 in. (<100 mm), + 0.03 mm/ 0.001 in. (>100 – 150 mm)
Maximum measurement speed: 1m/s
Power: 2 x 1.5V SR44 (silver oxide cell) battery (included)
Battery life: 1 year for continuous usage / 3 years under normal operation

Package Included:
1 x Digital caliper
2 X 1.5V SR44 (silver oxide cell) battery
1 X User Manual
1 X Packing case