Erasable Portable Writing Drawing Doodle Board LCD Tablet Partial Erase 21 inch

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Erasable Portable Writing Drawing Doodle Board LCD Writing Tablet Partial Erase 21 inch Board Kid Toys Learning Tool

LCD Writing Tablet uses high technology flexible liquid crystal technology, depends on pressure sensing to display text, pictures, and graphics. It can be erased over 500000 times.
You don’t need to use an eraser, just press the button, the screen will be clean again. Save much paper! Save many trees!
It’s very thin and light.
It helps to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, allowing children to create and learn freely without a mess.
Without blue light and radiation, the writing board will not harm the eyes, resist eye strain, and protect the eyesight of the child.
Double Board: One side is an LCD writing board, and another side is a whiteboard.

Reusable: This notepad is something that uses pencil and paper to write on, button to erase everything. It can be used repeatedly up to 100,000 times, which will save you a lot of money on paper and pencils.
Convenience: erase your image by just pressing the delete button. Write or draw with the included plastic stylus or another suitable instrument – even your finger!
Portable: This writing tablet is ultra-thin 1/6 "and is easy to carry in a purse, diary, briefcase, or backpack. Safe for school use and anywhere in the home, office, and car.
Characteristics: The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface of the tablet creates lines of different thickness depending on how hard you push – just like paper and pen.
Erase Button Make It Easy to Use – Delete function. Just press the erase button and the writing screen area is clear! Great for children learning penmanship and as a communication tool for those with speech difficulties.
Easy to Use – No need to worry about being difficult to use, just like using a pen and paper. Draw what you want, an easy to erase the full screen only by one erase button. It's great fun for writing and drawing.
Eyes Protection & Screen Lock – Eyes protection and Paperless designed drawing board are without electromagnetic radiation. The lock button to lock the creative content.
Perfect Gift – This LCD Writing Tablet is a Perfect Gift for kids and adults, especially easy for kids to draw pictures, and enjoy the fun.

Package Included:
1 x LCD Writing Board
1 x Stylus
1 x User Manual