Heatsink Compatible with both M.2 and PCI-E NVME SSD 2280 ARGB Solid State Disk Radiator

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Effectively solve the problem of M.2 hard disk speed reduction due to high temperature. Its 5V ARGB motherboard synchronization function makes your chassis cooler.
Matching the thermal pad is soft enough and has Good heat dissipation, and is compatible with the uneven surface of the M.2 SSD. Low viscosity, does not damage the M.2 SSD warranty label.
Alloy aluminum oxidation greatly improves the corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance of the cooler, prolonging the M.2 SSD service life.
With 5V 3pin ARGB LED lights, Control and change the colors by connecting to the Motherboard or by other RGB controllers. High density LED, Easy cable routing.
Aluminum for maximum performance, with 10? C – 20? C cooling effect, Perfectly fit for 860 EVO, 960 EVO(Pro), 970 EVO(Pro), 970 Pro, etc.
5V 3Pin motherboard + small 4Pin controller interface
Compatible with both M.2 and PCI-E NVME SSD

Package Included:
1 x ARGB M.2 Heatsink
3 x Cooling Pads
1 x Steel Plate bottom bracket