Inflatable Car Travel Air Mattress Back Seat w/ Pump 2 Air Pillows Car SUV Sleeping Mattress Universal Fit

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Car Inflatable Mattress Travel Back Seat Air Bed Cushion with Air Pump

This is a lightweight and portable car mat, easy to carry, durable Material, and easy to clean and keep. It is ideal for Camping, travel, and cars.
It can provide a comfortable environment during car traveling and sleeping, fits most car models (Saloon car, SUV, MVP), Unavailable for the rear middle bridge which is particularly high and microminiature cars.
Use a car air mattress to allow you to rest on long journeys without wasting money at the motel.
Equipped with 2 inflatable pillows and a state-of-the-art automatic air pump, you can fill your mattress with air in just a few minutes, safely and without leaking.
Friction-resistant material, sturdy and durable, very tight, double-layer inflatable nozzle to prevent all leaks, you can rest assured. The surface is soft-flocked with a soft touch and a unique stripe that fits the back.
By filling the gap between the seat and the floor to maintain balance, the mattress can be safely placed on the back seat to prevent the car from shaking and bumping on the rugged terrain, giving you the most comfortable lying feeling.
The portable car inflatable cushion will open up a new experience for your journey. It is suitable for car travel, long-distance travel, camping, adventure, etc. It is the most common partner of general-purpose SUVs, ordinary family cars, boats, trucks, etc. It will let you never want to leave your car!

1. Please don't make it touch cigarettes or any sharp objects
2. There are an air inlet, a black bung, and a leak-proof cap in the airbed to avoid leakage.
3. Please read the instruction for the electric inflator pump before inflating the air bed.
4. After 10 hours of inflation, a natural leak is normal phenomenon; please inflate it again for comfortable use.

Color: Gray
Surface Material: Flannel/Oxford
Size: 54 x 35 x 16.4 inches
Weight: 1.3 kg

Package Included:
1 x Car Air mattress
1 x Air support beam
2 x Air Pillow
1 x Car Air Pump
1 x Repair Patch kits
1 x Carry bag