Led Strip Lights Bluetooth APP IR Remote Control 2 x 15 Ft SMD5050 RGB

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Led Strip Lights Bluetooth Control with Music Sync 15 Ft SMD5050 RGB

LED Lights Outdoor Waterproof: Our led lights have IP65 waterproof function,(The surface is covered with a transparent coating) which can make light more even and eyes comfortable. The waterproof surface is with anti-water splash, can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration.
Multi-Color & DIY: LED lights strip set will change colors and speed automatically and periodically. It’s can be changed the color via the remote with one button.20 preset colors and 6 color DIY options. 4 color-changing modes, Also it has dimming and brightness control. An ideal decoration for TV, wall, and living room.
Easy Installation & Use: Simply connected all the parts and peel off the protection layer, then stick to the clean dry, and flat surface. Led strip lights can be cut between every 3 LEDs. Ideal for Home, Kitchen, RV,Bar, Party or Christmas, etc

APP and IR Remote Control: The smart LED strip can be controlled via APP and 44-key IR remote control, which is feature-rich and easy to use; with a stable Bluetooth connection you can change the color and mode of the light within a control range of 10 meters
Music Synchronisation: the LED controller with a built-in sensitive microphone allows you to synchronize the strip lights with music; jazz with color-changing LED lights, dance to the beat of any song, and make your home atmosphere more exciting and happy
Intelligent Timing Settings: the RGB LED strip will allow you to preset times to turn the LED light on/off and change color at certain times, or you can enable or disable it after the set time as required.
Wide Use: The LED color-changing light has a wide range of styles to choose from, 16 million colors are available, extra-long enough to reach your entire room and illuminate the entire home decor, also able to create a more romantic atmosphere for your dates, dinners and movie nights.

Product power: 2.5W/m
LED type: SMD 5050
Luminous color: RGB
Sheet specifications: 50_PCB (white)_IP20
Product features: multifunctional application of drool Strip
The brightness of ampere beads: single brightness_18lm

Package Included:
2 x Light Strip
1 x Power Cord
1 x Remote Controller