Light Bulb Security Camera Panoramic Home WiFi Camera with Auto Tracking

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The Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor 360? degree camera bulb security camera system adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor, Connect The camera to WIFI, When a moving object is detected, it will record the moving picture and notify you through the APP.
This camera can be installed using a normal E27 bulb base(110V~240V), Then use the mobile phone to download the APP, and use the APP to help the bulb camera connect to the WIFI. No other operations are required.
Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor Wi-Fi 1080P HD Bulb Security Camera Can provide a clear picture even at night, Intelligent Night Vision provides ordinary night vision and color night vision, you can easily choose according to your own needs.
With the light bulb security camera’s built-in speaker & microphone, you can communicate with your family or pets anytime, anywhere via the app.
This Opti guard camera light bulb can provide you with a clear vision (Full HD 1080P resolution) at any time, You can use the APP to control the camera viewing angle to achieve 360 viewing without blind spots.

Main Features:
1. Fast installation: Only need to screw the security camera light bulb into a lamp socket(110V~240V) and then directly use it.
2. Auto Tracking: Adopts a high-sensitivity motion sensor to detect moving objects.
3. Lighting: The white light is not bright when the light is sufficient, and the white light is automatically activated when the light is insufficient.

Type: Wireless camera
Resolution: Full HD 1080P resolution
Material: ABS
Product size: 6.8*6.8*15.5CM
Audio: Two-Way Audio
360?Pan/Tilt Camera:360?(Level)/90? (Vertical)
TF Card: support up to 128G TF Card Not included or cloud storage.
Supported Mobile Systems: Android/IOS
Audio input: built-in microphone
Connection method: support wireless network connection
Lamp port: E27 standard threaded port

Package Include:

1 x Opti guard Light Bulb Security Camera
1 x  Bag of Screws
1 x Light Bulb Base
1 x Manual