MiniDVI to VGA Cable Adapter For APPLE iMac MacBook G4

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Mini DVI to VGA Adapter for Apple

Mini DVI to VGA cable allows the video signal from a mini DVI equipped device to
be output to any VGA monitor.
Add an external display to an Apple MacBook or iMac computer, creating a simple
dual display setup.
32-pin mini-DVI Male to 15-pin DB-15 Female
Length: 5 Inch

MINI DVI Supports:
12-inch PowerBook G4, Intel-based iMac, the MacBook Intel-based laptop
The Intel-based Xserve, and the 2009 Mac mini.

Package Included
1 x Mini DVI to VGA Adapter for Apple (This is an aftermarket product not made by Apple)
*Please always refer to your apple user manual for compatibility before you make your purchase.

Below shows the Mini DVI Port on your Apple computer, please double check your computer has the same port.