Mix Denomination Money Counter Machine Cash Value Bill Counting for Canadian Currency UV/MG/MT/IR Counterfeit Detection, (Doesn’t detect Denomination for USD and Others Currency)

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  • ⭐【MIXED DENOMINATION FUNCTION】The money counting machine is a Mixed Denomination that automatically reads the denomination of the Canadian bills and shows the total value and pcs of the counted bills. 🚩 Doesn’t detect Denomination for USD and others Currency
  • ⭐【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】For Canadian dollars: Mixed Denomination Mode/Sort Mode/Count Mode/Detect Mode; For US Dollar, EURO, and others: /Count Mode/Detect Mode
  • ⭐【PRECISE DETECTION】Counterfeit Detection: UV - Ultraviolet, MG - Magnetic, IR - Infrared. The display will show a red Error Code and raise an alarm when the bill counting machine detects counterfeit/broken/non-magnetic.
  • ⭐ 【Display and User Panel】3.5 Inch Intuitive TFT screen and user input keypad panel designed for ease of use display bright and clear numerical values and warnings. Plus an external display.
  • ⭐ 【PACKAGING】*Bill Counter Machine, *Power cable, * Cleaning Brush, * External display, * Spare Fuse, * User manual, *Conveyor belt, *Dust Cover

The money counter is designed for Canadian dollars. It is the perfect solution for a fast, accurate, and reliable banknote counting process. This machine is the vanguard of our evolution in currency counting technology. Its compact and stylish design is as remarkable as its integrated electronics. It is ready to process the most demanding task, from counting large amounts of cash to batching custom money quantities. The power to dramatically reduce labor and counting losses is now at the reach of your hands.

This machine makes an invaluable aid in banks, casinos, supermarkets, movie theaters, retail shops, and many other environments where banknotes are used.

Automatic start, stop, and clear
With a 3.5-inch TFT display and external display
With UV(ultraviolet), MG(magnetic) and IR(infrared) detection while counting
Automatic half-note, chained-note, and double-note detection
With batch, add, and self-examination function
Mix value counting and denomination sort function (For Canadian dollars)
Count function and Detect function (most currencies in the world)
Ambient Temperature: 0 C - 40 C
Ambient Humidity: 25% - 80%
Feeding System: Roller Friction System
Hopper Capacity: 200pcs
Stacker Capacity: 200pcs
Size of Countable banknotes: MIN: 50 x 110mm MAX: 90 x 190mm
The thickness of Countable banknotes: 0.075mm – 0.15mm
Counting Display: 4 digits
Batch Display: 3 digits
Power Supply: 110V ~ 220V 60Hz
Power Consumption: <80 Watts
Net Weight: 5.3Kg
Gross Weight: 6.3 Kg

In the box:
1) Machine; 2) User manual; 3) Power cable; 4) Cleaning brush; 5) Fuse; 6) Conveyor belt; 7) External display 8) Dust cover