Polymer and Paper Canadian CAD USD Currency Bill Counter Plastic Money Banknote

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Being the latest professional model, Syson Bill Counter is designed for CAD USD and most banknotes in the world. It is proved that very reliable and successful and favored by the clients. This machine is improved many aspects of its internal structure which makes it quite different, and easy to operate.


Compatible with polymer bills even when mixed with paper bills. Fully automatic, fast counting with auto-start, auto-restart, and batch counting mode functions. Daul's LCD screen displays the current and previous counting results for comparison. External LED counter display included Built-in ultraviolet (UV) counterfeit detection system. This new Polymer Ready Bill Counter provides fast and accurate counting of both paper and new polymer Canadian banknotes. It offers the perfect solution for small business cash counting. It is also compatible will all other paper bills including USD, EURO, PESO, and POUNDS.


-- Automatically detecting with UV(Ultraviolet) and MG (Magnetic) while counting;
-- Suitable for CAD USD EURO PESO POUNDS and most currencies in the world;
-- Automatic start, stop, and clear;
-- With batching, adding, and self-examination functions;
-- Automatic half-note detection;


-- Counting speed: >1000pc/min;
-- Hopper capacity: >130pcs;
-- Stacker capacity: >130pcs;
-- Size of countable note: 50mm x 90mm~110mm x 190mm;
-- Thickness of countable notes: 0.075~0.15mm;
-- Power consumption: AC110V ~ 220V (50~60 Hz);
-- Power consumption: <80W;
-- Empty load working noise: <60DB
-- N.W: 6Kgs