RGB Laptop Cooling Pad for 11″-17.3″ Notebook Laptop Cooler with 2 Big Quiet Cooling Fans

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A computer cooling pad is specially designed.
New technology applies to the new model laptop fan cooling pad, and there will be a very strong wind to help to cool down the temperature and speed up the running speed. The 2 big 150mm x 150mm cooling fans are quite quiet, the noise level is about 17-20dB, with no impact on the surrounding environment.
Cool appearance & beautiful laptop cooler.
RGB Laptop Cooling Pad: Cooling pad with 7 kinds of RGB sidelight with two red fans, Automatic adjustment color breathing light color.
Creating a cool atmosphere, perfect for gaming
The light and portable laptop cooling pad work with most laptops up to 17 inches.

RGB Laptop Cooling Pad: RGB colorful Lights 7 Effect Modes. Automatic adjustment color breathing light color. Just turn on the button to automatically switch colors .laptop cooling pads & external fans create a cool atmosphere, perfect for gaming. VERY VERY VERY COOL!
2 Quiet Fans & Gaming Laptop Cooler: Cooling pad for laptop with 2 Big Quiet fans, 150mm diameter super fan with red light. provide strong wind to bring airflow and blow the heat away to cool down the temperature of your gaming laptop accessories.
Cool Appearance & Beautiful Laptop Cooler: A laptop stand with a fan is specially designed. Designed for games .color breathing light &extended Colorful light, the laptop fan cooling pad is not only beautiful but also working well. The very quiet rapid cooling effect
Two USB ports & One control switch: Laptop cooling fan with USB composite power interface, 1 USB port is used to power the laptop, another is used for other devices; control switch Just turn on it to automatically switch colors. cooling fan for laptop
Ergonomic Design & Laptop Cooling Stand: With 5 adjustable heights, laptop pad for your lap with ergonomic .gaming laptop stand raises and tilts your laptop to the perfect ergonomic viewing position. A non-slip baffle prevents your laptop from following down on a slanting surface.

Package Included:
1 x Laptop Cooler