USB-C Type C to VGA Converter Monitor Adapter 1080p 60hz Tablet & Phone & Laptop

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USB-C Type C to VGA Converter Monitor Adapter 1080p 60hz for Tablet & Phone & Laptop

USB Type-C USB 3.1 Male Connector to VGA Adapter for New MacBook, Surface Pro 4, Google New Chromebook Pixel, etc.
USB-C VGA Adapter lets you connect your MacBook with a USB-C port to any VGA display or projector.
1080p 60hz HD resolution to enjoy entertainment as it was meant
This adapter allows you to mirror your MacBook display to your VGA-enabled TV or display
The adapter also supports phones like Samsung S8/s9/s10/Note8/note9/note10 and Huawei Mate10/Mate20/P20/P30. (not work for the other phone)

The USB-C To VGA Adapter is an excellent tech companion to devices like Apple MacBook Pro/Air (2016+), iPad Pros (2018+), Google Chromebook Pixel, Lenovo Yoga, and many more with its fantastic 1080P 60Hz resolution and 8-channel audio support design.
With a USB-C power delivery port, you can seamlessly power your Apple MacBook 2016+ and MacBook Pro 2016+ with Touch Bar and use the VGA simultaneously.
The durable material shell allows for improved heat dissipation to prevent overheating, and the small, compact design makes it especially travel-friendly.
Self-powered, sleek, and modern, the USB-C To VGA Adapter is a must-have tech accessory for those who need to connect video sources to their display device without hassle.

Resolution: 1080P 60Hz
Dimension: 33.3 x 25.2 x 14.6mm
USB Type-C to VGA

Package Included:
1 x USB-C to VGA Converter