USB To Midi Cable Adapter Converter For PC Computer Music Keyboard New

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It’s easy to turn your PC into a music studio.
Start by connecting an electronic musical instrument to your computer with the supplied USB MIDI cable.
Within minutes you’ll be able to play songs while they are being recorded on your PC!
With appropriate software, you can overdub additional instruments,
then edit, mix, and even print sheet music of your final compositions.

-Latest model with a built-in driver.
-1 in and 1 out MIDI interface.
-16 MIDI input channels and 16 MIDI output channels.
-LEDs indicate power in, MIDI in signal, and MIDI out signal.
-USB bus powered; Requires no external power.
-Cable length: 2.0m (6 Ft).

Instructions for use:
Please follow these steps
Connect the cable marked "IN" to the MIDI "OUT" socket of a MIDI keyboard (or MIDI device).
Connect the cable marked "OUT" to the MIDI "IN" socket of a MIDI keyboard (or MIDI device).
Plug the USB cable into any free USB socket on your computer, the red LED will light up to show power on.
Open your music software program, e.g. Cubase, Sonar, MIDI connections, etc.
Set the music in programs MIDI in and MIDI out devices to "USB Audio Device".
Your USB to MIDI interface is now ready for use.
To save potential problems, it is recommended that this interface is always connected to the same USB
as it was originally installed to prevent multiple installations of the driver.

Package Included:
1 x USB to MIDI Converter cable